New Slot: Alchemist’s Lab

Alchemist’s Lab is a unique online casino slot game with free spins that incorporates a scientific theme as all the symbols on the reels are items you would find in a laboratory.

There are three reels in the game which are spun simultaneously, but each reel stops progressively from left to right. The win-line goes across the middle of the three reels and the symbols have to finish between the two markings either side of the cauldron. Those used to playing Bejeweled 2 slots should familiarize themselves with the symbols before committing any money.

There is the chance to enter a special bonus round in this game. You need to match three of the Alchemist books across the middle of the reels to enter this feature. This will allow you to win different cash prizes and can be a very valuable round to take part in.

The top symbols in Alchemist Lab are the coins. Three of these can score you 10000 multiplied by your stake, if played in the highest betting mode of the game. However, one or two coins in your win-line will still earn you a prize, and is the only symbol which you don’t need to match three to win. Fans of Deal or No Deal may want to give the game a try for something a bit different.

New slot focused casino sites of 2019The two test tubes either side of your reels represent how much your total bet is, and how much you have won after each spin. The green test tube on the right is the total bet for your spin. You have the choice to bet in three different modes and the payouts for these and clearly posted on the page. The blue test tube on the left will reveal your payout if you have been lucky enough to meet any of the requirements for a win in the game.

Roulette Popularity on Slot Sites

There is no doubt that roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The opportunity to play the game online has taken the game to new levels and can be enjoyed at any point throughout the day. The success has inspired such games as Bejeweled 2 slots.

One of the reasons why the game continues to attract popularity is because the game is very easy to learn. Beginners can enjoy playing the game straight away as there are no rules to learn like some of the card games played on online casinos. After watching one spin of the wheel, a newcomer can get a sense of understanding about roulette and feel confident placing chips of their own on an outcome of their choice.

The roulette wheel adds to the excitement of roulette. As the ball spins round the wheel, all participants watch with anticipation, all hoping for the ball to land on one of their winning numbers.

There is no skill required to take part in roulette. Players who have been playing for a matter of days can win just as much as those who have been playing all their life. It is a test of your luck and bravery on the day, much like deal or no deal

Roulette also allows you to win big for a small stake. If you predict the exact number from the wheel you are rewarded with odds of 35/1, and just one chip on this number will leave you with a healthy profit.

Another appeal of roulette is participants can select any numbers they like in the knowledge that there needs to be no strategy or thought into the numbers they want to choose. They all have an equal opportunity of the ball landing on them leaving everyone on an equal playing field.